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watch out, the world's behind you

No taste in music. No sense of humor.
Jul 14 '14


Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck’s surreal collage art juxtaposes vintage photographs with contemporary composition styles to challenge traditional states of mind.

Jul 13 '14

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Jul 9 '14
the flawless diversity of fox news anchors


the flawless diversity of fox news anchors

Jul 8 '14

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Jul 8 '14

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Jul 5 '14


Alessandro Puccinelli (born 1969) is a professional photographer, living between Italy and Portugal (previously).

All my personal works are about the sea, 
as the presence of the ocean in my everyday life is a balancing factor that helps me reconnect with that internal equilibrium which, as a human being I, all too easily, lose.

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Jul 3 '14

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Jul 3 '14


Winston Chmielinksi (NYC) Paintings, 2013

Jul 1 '14
"Tengo la angustiante sensación de que la vida se me está escapando, como si mis venas se hubieran abierto y yo no pudiera detener mi sangre."
Mario Benedetti (La tregua)

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Jul 1 '14

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